Light Through McLuhan

Celebrate McLuhan's centenary in 2011-2012!

The Estate of Marshall McLuhan

Official site including biography, bibliography and FAQs.

CBC Archives

TV clips from the archives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology

Research centre at the University of Toronto, continuing the work of The Centre for Culture and Technology established by McLuhan in 1963.

McLuhan Studies

Online journal edited by Francesco Guardiani and Eric McLuhan.

Spectres of McLuhan

Richard Cavell's critical appraisal of theoretical engagements with McLuhan from 1981 to the present.

Media Studies Canada

Critical essays by Dr Marshall Soules, Vancouver Island University (previously Malaspina University College).

Gingko Press

Now the official publisher of books by McLuhan.

Interview on the Today show (Youtube)

McLuhan interviewed by Tom Brokaw and Edwin Newman on 24 September 1976.

Annie Hall (Youtube)

McLuhan's cameo performance in Woody Allen's award winning film of 1977.


Wikipedia entry for Marshall McLuhan.

Rare McLuhan Audio

From a talk by McLuhan at Johns Hopkins University, mid 1970s

Twitter - McLuhan

Tweets McLuhan quotes; author unknown.

National Archives of Canada

List of archived materials.

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